I know the concept of avoiding coffee might seem to be blasphemy to many. But let's be honest: there are plenty of reasons why you might need to step away from coffee for a bit.

Maybe you've had too much and you've got jitters/heart problems. Maybe you're concerned about your caffeine intake and you're trying to cut back. Maybe your workplace has awful coffee and you don't get a chance to get out and buy some of your own during the day. Or maybe you just flat-out don't like the stuff.

But we all need a boost every now and again, so instead of instinctively reaching for some coffee or a Red Bull or whatever else you use, let's try to understand what makes you stay awake naturally.

Okay fine. Don't give up your coffee (I'm with you). But at least now you'll have some science to talk about with your friends and coworkers so they'll think you're some kind of sleep genius.