A local firefighter has been arrested after he was allegedly involved in a fight this weekend at the Ravens/Raiders game in Baltimore, Maryland.

LoHud reports Scott Smith, a recent grad from the Westchester County Run Fire Academy and Mount Vernon firefighter was suspended without pay as a result of the incident. Also arrested was Eastchester resident Andrew Nappi, both have been charged with first and second degree assault.

The two men reportedly got into an argument with 55 year old Joseph Bauer Sunday that ended up getting physical. Bauer was pushed to the ground and was rendered unconscious after hitting his head. Witnesses were able to identify Smith and Nappi as they attempted to walk away. Bauer is on life support with a 30 percent chance of survival according to his sister Susan.

The Baltimore Ravens released a statement expressing their sympathies on the matter. There have been several reports of serious fights at NFL games in recent years. Are games getting too rowdy?