One of my favorite discussions to get into is "What are you watching on Netflix?"

There are so many options to choose from and it's interesting to see the varying choices people make when it comes to watching a new show.

I had heard a bunch of people mention the new Netflix series called The World's Most Extraordinary Homes. In its first season, there are four episodes that center themselves around beautiful homes in unique locations.

Mountains. Forest. Coast. Underground. Those are the four episode titles for the first season and because I have always wanted to live in the forest in the middle of nowhere, I watched episode 2.

To my surprise, a home nestled in the forest of the Hudson Valley was one of the featured homes. And rightfully so.

The Shokan House created by Jay Bargmann sits in the Catskill Mountains in Shokan. But this isn't your typical house in the woods. It's nothing like the cabin I imagined in my head. I'm no HGTV host, but the best way I can describe the Shokan House, is a very modern glass home with a magnificent view.

While we aren't given the exact location of the Shokan House, the hosts of The World's Most Extraordinary Homes had to take a helicopter to get there.

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