Imagine if you booked a room at a Hudson Valley hotel and when you arrive they tell you you can't stay there because you live locally. That's what happened to a Woodstock woman who booked a room at a Kingston Quality Inn, according to Hudson Valley One.

Meghan Brown had booked the two night stay a month in advance to get some heavy studying done away from home for a few nights. The stay was booked through Travelocity and they were unable to assist her, Quality Inn stuck to their story that it is company policy.

When a rule like this gets put into place, it's usually a response to something. Something tells me this is a rule designed to prevent local rabble-rousers from having hotel parties. Someone decided to have a bender at a Quality Inn somewhere, ruining the convenience for everyone else. Hudson Valley One did contact other hotels in the area and none had a similar policy in place.

Ms. Brown ended up staying at another local hotel after the issue couldn't be resolved.

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