What are your neighbors complaining about this week? Join the morning show co host, Nick Kessler to find out in this weeks latest episode of rants and raves.

If there's one thing I've learned so far while living in New York it's that we are never short of angry people. Thankfully for us, they have no problem venting their issues for all of us to enjoy.

What did I learn?

1. Apparently, there just aren't enough hotels that do an hourly rate.

Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure that if this is something you need you're either a convict on the run or a prostitute. I apologize if that's just a negative stereotype.

2. Some neighbors are just plain crappy.

You can pick your nose but you can't always pick your neighbors. More often than not you may end up near a stinky a$3*&^%!

3. Bill O'Reilly's Revenge?

Goodbye and goodnight kids. Strap yourself in because someone's going to finally set those liberals straight.

It's all here in the video below. Enjoy!