A Hudson Valley judge cannot hear cases because of his own criminal record. Jacquelin Millen was just elected in November in the Rockland Valley town of Spring Valley.

According to LoHud, he pleaded guilty in March to a violation charge where he stood accused of falsifying prison logs at his previous job as a corrections officer. Millen claims those charges were politically motivated. As a result, he resigned from his corrections job.

The November election saw Millen get elected alongside Justice Djinsad Desir. Cheif Justice Judge Alan Scheinkman was the one that ruled on Millen's judicial status. He is not an attorney and must attend judge's school. It is legal for people who aren't lawyers to serve on town and village courts.

The terms of his plea conclude in March, so if the County Court approves, he'll be able to begin trying criminal cases then. He is allowed to preside over civil cases.