There are a few comics out there that are hot collector's items. Old comic books featuring the first appearances of beloved characters are always big, and issue 39 of Tales of Suspense is a huge one. It's the very first story Marvel ever published featuring Iron Man, and one Hudson Valley man has a copy.

Or rather, he had a copy. James Cracolici, an attorney in Nyack, attempted to sell the issue on eBay to Craig James Saunders, who bought the issue. But, according to Cracolici, Saunders found a loophole and requested a refund from PayPal saying he never received the issue, and Paypal agreed and took the money back from Carolici's account.

Cracolici is suing for the cost of the comic plus damages and legal fees, which adds up to a little over $23,000 when all is said and done. If it makes him feel any better, Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters right now if he needs his Iron Man fix. And I know a way he can read thousands of old Marvel comics for a lot less money than $23,000.

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