There are many great places to visit in the Hudson Valley, but this one might be the best one to visit.

You can't go on Instagram or TikTok these days without seeing a reel that someone posted all about how to spend the perfect day in a great little Hudson Valley town. One town that never seems to make the long list of reels is probably one of the cutest towns we have here in the Hudson Valley.

I was recently talking to someone the other day and they mentioned how they spent the day in this little town and forgot how beautiful it really is. They mentioned how the town had a great downtown area, there were cute restaurants, sprawling farms and more.

Sooo, what town are we talking about?

Which small Hudson Valley town is a great place to visit and spend a day at?

Milbrook, New York.

There was a period of time where I was going to Lake Taghkanic State Park and I would stop in Millbrook for snacks and to get gas. I was amazed at how beautiful it was and have always wanted tor return to spend a day there.

I think many people (including myself) forget how beautiful it really is.

What exactly does the Town of Millbrook have to offer?

A lot.

A great thing to do on a beautiful day is to just park your car and walk down the beautiful downtown area. You can check out all of the shops, sight see and see all the beauty Millbrook has to offer.

You can also check out:

  • The Millbrook Diner
  • Millbrook Vineyards & Winery
  • Millbrook Antique Center
  • Trevor Zoo
  • Wing's Castle

So, theres plenty to do in this Hudson Valley town.

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