How awesome would it be to see more Hudson Valley schools do stuff like this.

As most of us head into a three day weekend it is great to see stories like these pop up on social media. A lot of us spend a bunch of time scrolling through Instagram, our news feeds on Facebook and every once and a while a story stops the scrolling for me, just like this one did.

I was on Facebook and saw a post done by the folks over at the Stissing Mountain Junior/Senior High School in the Pine Plains school district and I had to try and spread the story of what they did for the kids lucky enough to go to such a great school.

The Facebook post read, "Today every student found a personal note of happiness, encouragement or cheer on their locker. Yesterday our staff gathered together to write them and today the kids got them. THIS, my friends is how schools make a difference! We are #bombernation!"

Most of the sticky notes that they left for the kids were hand written and child specific which I can only imagine made their days!

If you work in a school, I hope that reading something like this encourages you or your school do something similar. If your school does something like this let us know and we will be more than happy to share it with the Hudson Valley.

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