A Poughkeepsie shop offers a unique twist on massages, letting snakes do all the work. CBS 2 took an inside look at Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie to see what the buzz was all about in honor of World Snake Day.

Serpentessa, a snake goddess will guide you through the experience. In the footage on the CBS 2 website, Pam from Pleasant Valley allowed three boa constrictors to slither all over her body. The snakes make their way all around in an experience that she felt made her feel calm and sleepy.

There are three main reasons people come to her according to Serpentessa; healing, empowerment and to get over the fear of snakes. Sessions start at $300 for an hour and fifteen-minute session.

Would this help solve your fear or snakes or make it worse?

Two things we do know, Samuel L. Jackson would not be happy with this style of massage. Just be aware, the clip below has lots of swears in it (NSFW).

Neither would Indiana Jones.

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