In the age where texting trumps real conversation it seems like even emojis are replacing actual words. The conversation is getting shorter with these little faces and pictures. What's New York's most used emoji?

How often do you use emojis? Apparently, we all use them enough to elicit this brilliant research. They've got to be popular. They even got their own terrible movie.

The site, Decluttr pulled numbers from Google to see what the most used emoji from every state was. Despite being the most popular in Virginia, Missouri and Idaho , the eggplant was not the most popular here in the empire state.

So what took the gold? This one:

FullSizeRender (9)
FullSizeRender (10)

What exactly does this emoji even mean?

According to emojipedia, they are known as "shifty eyes" or "pervy eyes".

This is the emoji way of replying to a sexy photo posted online; or the ‘shifty eyes’ can represent guilt.

We either have a lot of shifty and deceitful people in New York or we are just a bunch of perverts. Maybe we're both?