I think I found the strangest Frankenfood. New Yorkers love pizza. We also love breakfast. I guess someone wanted to know what it would be like if the two were combined. It turns out it is quite glorious.

Yes, you are reading the sign in the picture correctly. There is no need to get your eyes checked. That is indeed something called a pizza waffle.



Are pizza waffles a thing here in New York?

What the heck is a pizza waffle? Today I learned that it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a giant waffle with pizza ingredients mixed into the batter. There are several recipes for pizza waffles online. Pillsbury even has one but I have never seen a cooked one.

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As soon as I saw this I had to buy it and try it immediately. I have to say it might be the most unique food item I have ever seen for sale behind a deli counter at a local grocery store.

Is it breakfast or dinner? I guess a pizza waffle is whatever you want it to be. A lot of people eat pizza for breakfast. Maybe this is a way to enjoy one of America's most popular foods without a big mess. Do you put marinara sauce or syrup on this thing? I think it would be good either way.

I don't know if these are offered at every Adams Fairacre Farm location. I purchased this one at a store in Wappingers Falls, New York.

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