Is it superstition or is there something to this store producing so many big lottery winners? I decided to check it out for myself.

Friday's Mega Millions jackpot is over $1 billion dollars. Rub a rabbit foot, dig up your lucky penny, throw salt over your shoulder or buy a ticket from a lucky store.

I would do just about anything for a friend. These times are tough for many of us so it's a great feeling to know that you can do a solid favor for someone. That being said, I may have gotten one of the most bizarre requests from my friends who lives in Albany.

He called me and asked if I would buy him a lottery ticket. He is old enough to purchase one so that's not why he was asking. He asked me if I would buy a lottery ticket from a specific place here in the Hudson Valley. He wanted a Mega Millions ticket purchased at a store that people in the Hudson Valley region believe is the luckiest store around.

The lore of the lucky store has moved north and has made its way Upstate.

Just a few days a go the store produced a $1,000 winner. Possibly $1,000 for life. The store produced Powerball winners and multiple million dollar prizes as well.

What store and where is it? 

I bought my friend a ticket from the Smoke 4 Less shop in Fishkill, New York and mailed it to him right away. He even sent me enough money to expedite it.


The sign above the door says 'luck lives here' and it might be true. People from all over the Hudson Valley stopped by the store to get their ticket from this small smoke shop.

I bought a ticket for myself too.

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