I was shamed and called a 'Karen' for complaining about catching a restaurant worker not wash his hands. Am I living in the Upside Down?

I need some perspective here because I didn't think I was acting like an entitled jerk but maybe I'm wrong. I'm not one to cause a scene in public but I saw something the other day that absolutely floored me. I was at a local mall. I won't say which one in here but I took a break from shopping to grab a bite to eat at the food court.

Dmitriy Melnikov

I grabbed some fast food and went on my way. After I shopped at a nearby store I used the restroom. As I was washing my hands I saw someone exit the stall. I didn't think anything of it until I saw him walk by the sink and not wash his hands. That caught my attention because that's just gross. I looked at him a little closer and then realized he was an employee of the restaurant I just ate at. How did I know this? He was wearing his uniform and he even had an apron on. Yes, he wore his apron to the stall?

This can't be normal. It's certainly not sanitary.

I was so grossed out I decided to go tell the manager of the restaurant. I didn't rat the guy out I was vague about who it was but I figured something needed to be said. He may have washed his hands when he returned to the kitchen but how do I know? I didn't make a scene and I was very quiet about it even though I felt I could have made  a much bigger scene if I wanted to.

The manager thanked me for the information but the person behind me didn't appreciate me being a narc. The man behind me shamed me for it and even said I was being a 'Karen' for reporting him.

Was I out of line? What would you have done?

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