Can someone please tell me why the eclipse is so interesting other than saying "it's rare"?

There's going to be a rare eclipse on Monday, August 21. I've been racking my brain and trying to understand everyone's fascination with the upcoming eclipse. What do is it about staring at the sun that's going to be so fun? I can already tell you what's going to happen. SPOILER ALERT: The moon and sun will cross paths and it will be dark for a little bit. What else do you anticipate will happen?

If there were the possibility of seeing an alien encounter, zombies rising from the grave or the horsemen of the apocalypse then I would be all in. Apparently, you need special sung glasses to watch all of the "fun" and people are getting gouged by high prices.

Here's what it's going to look like.

(WARNING: Picture depicted may not look like the eclipse on 8/21/17

Ian Hitchcock, Getty Images
Ian Hitchcock, Getty Images

Have no fear though. If you cannot find or afford the glasses you can wear a cardboard box over your head.

I don't want to seem rude but if your idea of fun is wearing a cardboard box over your head and staring at the sun I don't think we'd be friends.

Am I ranting or just being a downer or are you tired of hearing about the eclipse?

Of course, if you are excited about the eclipse i want you to enjoy it. If you'd like more details on how you can see it. You can find them here.