A lot of people have been throwing shade at the multiple Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated actor for some of his recent films and it is absolutely absurd.

Neeson has developed a reputation lately of being typecast into a certain genre of films and I don't know why people are saying that's a bad thing. Liam Neeson is not just an A-list celebrity but he's also a Hudson Valley resident. Neeson undoubtedly has one of the greatest resumes in Hollywood. He's extremely underrated. Not all of his films are Oscar material but they don't need to be. They're entertaining has hell. Lately Neeson has starred in  what seems to be a string of action-thrillers. Some are criticizing the films but I think he's found his niche. 

Neeson's recent movies have not gotten a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. His highest rated recent film on the site was The Ice Road where he played a semi truck driver having to pass frozen waters. They may not be critically acclaimed but I think these movies are extremely entertaining and you'll never convince me otherwise.

Keep up the great work Mr. Neeson.