We're happy to report that one Hudson Valley bald eagle is recuperating nicely.

Last week the folks over at Brookby Farm in Dover were finally able to locate an injured bald eagle that had been on their property. The eagle had been hit by a car, but when they initially searched for it they came up empty.

Visitors to the farm last week saw the bald eagle searching for prey on the ground due to its injury. Officers from the Department of Environmental Conservation were called to the scene. With help from the staff at Brookby Farm the beautiful bald eagle was safely captured.

According to an update on Instagram the eagle was taken to a nearby animal hospital. Dr. Jack Wilson of Brewster Veterinary Hospital and Green Chimney's Animal Rescue facility has been working with the eagle and nursing her back to health.

The Instagram post explains that Dr. Wilson discovered that the eagles elbow joint was shattered and is very hopeful that the joint will  "be repaired in time." He also confirmed that aside from the shattered joint, the eagle was very healthy.

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