It is rare to see one moose in the woods let alone two of them locking antlers. One person caught it all on video.

Have you ever seen two of these things fight? It's rather a moose-ing... Sorry I had to. It seems like Upstate New York is going moose crazy right now.

Last week a woman in Hyde Park, New York shared  video and pictures of a massive moose that was hanging out in her front yard. The moose was spotted at roughly 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning. It would be hard to miss this gigantic animal. You can catch up on this story in the link below.

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Since this moose sighting in the Hudson Valley there have been a lot of people intrigued by the elusive animal. Moose are native to New York but they are predominantly north in the Adirondacks. Not many people have seen them in person.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation shared a video on their Twitter page of the two giant bulls sparring to show dominance. They credited Jeremy Bullis. Check it out below.

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