Many Hudson Valley residents have not received their money that's owed to them by the federal government yet. If you're still waiting on a check or multiple checks you can now call the IRS support line and talk to a representative but don't make the same mistake I did.

The IRS did the best they could in trying to help U.S. residents during this pandemic with their online services and though it might have helped the majority of issues it fails when you need to speak with someone and receive specific answers.

If you've been waiting on more information about the status of your tax refund or your economic impact payment but haven't had much luck with the online service you can now contact the IRS by phone.

Though the IRS is answering the phone, obviously the lines are jam packed especially as people start to learn of their return.

One extremely helpful tip I can offer you from experience is that the IRS has a seperate phone number to handle stimulus payments as they do with tax returns.
If you are having issues with both you cannot address both issues through the same department. If you only need help from a specific department here are the numbers you'll need.

Don't make the same mistake I did an trying to knock out both issues at the same time.

Tax Refund Help Line: 1-800-829-0582

Here is the separate number I was given to help with my stimulus payment questions. Though I cannot confirm that this is an official line it was the number given to me by an IRS representative to handle my stimulus issue. Per the representative at the IRS, this was the number I received. Fatter quite the long wait they were able to help me with my stimulus related issue. Good luck.


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