If this feels like history repeating itself it's because it is. Remember when Dick's Sporting Goods vowed to ban the sales of AR variant rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre? I hate to be pessimistic or insensitive but are these retail chains really offering a solution or is this all just good public relations work?

Recently, in response from to the latest shooting in Florida, Dick's Sporting Goods has publicly announced that they will stop selling AR Variant rifles in their stores. Wal-Mart has also joined in with a similar policy. If it seems like you're getting deja vu it's because we've heard this all before.

According to an article in USA Today, what we aren't hearing is how Dick's Sporting Goods made this claim before after the horrific shooting in Sandy Hook but continued to sell out of their subsidiary company, Field & Stream. They also aren't addressing if they will stop selling high powered rifle ammunition, specifically the .556 caliber used by the AR-15 and various other rifles. After all according to American Hunter, it's the most purchased ammunition. Where is the line drawn when it comes to making a profit?

AR-15 Assault Rifles Sold At Utah Gun Shop
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It's hypocritical for a store that has been arming America for decades to now say they are at the fore front of the gun debate for not selling one gun. How can we trust you if you've said it before?

These retail giants can make these claims and even follow through with not selling one particular product because they've toppled the local stores around them.

If they want to make a statement and want one less person to be a victim of gun violence why won't they stop selling all fire arms and ammunition? At least then your stance will be clear. I wonder it has something to do with the fact that gun industry is a multi billion dollar operation.