The hit TV show Roseanne is back and I'm not going to lie. As far as reboots go it's pretty good. However, it just seems like there is something missing.

The family sitcom started in 1988 and went nine seasons. Though the full original cast has returned, a few of its members took an early hiatus from the show before its finale in 1997.

In the ninth season, John Goodman didn't return and they had said his character had died of a heart attack.

John Goodman is back and they summed up his abrupt return as a dream sequence.

We know he's a talented actor. The trouble is he's so good and has been in so many films it's almost impossible to see him as Dan Connor in 2018. He's been Babe Ruth, Fred Flinstone and even an ATF agent in Red State. The awesome list goes on and on. I know he's an actor, but he's so talented it's hard to see him as bumbling Dan anymore.

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