Someone put this sign on my door and it's got my blood boiling. You've got to read it to believe it. Are they as bananas as their trick-or-treat bag?

You don't want be the house that hands out fruits and vegetables for Halloween.

The best thing about October is Halloween. You get to carve pumpkins, go to haunted houses, and binge watch scary movies. Let us not forget that the month of October is also one giant long cheat day. There's candy everywhere and most of us are snacking.

Last week this sign was posted on my door and I've got to question this person's level of crazy. The paper hanging on my door is urging the residents of my complex to hand out healthy treats this Halloween instead of the sugary candy we're accustomed to due to the child obesity rate.

I'm aware that the obesity rate is high, kids don't get much exercise and they are surrounded by sugar and unhealthy food every single day. I'm all for having a healthier option to pass out for kids who would prefer it but I'm not about to hand out nothing but veggies on Halloween just because of this one sign.

If binge eating candy one night out of the year will make or break your child's health then I think there are other issues with their diet.

Also, who would take unwrapped fruit from a stranger?

How would you handle this? Should we hand out broccoli and kale for Halloween?

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