Could this lazy Christmas tree be a sign that we are doomed? Being festive is for families. When you live the single life you aren't trying to impress anyone so I guess this is how you decorate.

With my lack of home decor one would assume that I'm a Grinch or some kind of Scrooge but make no mistake, I love Christmas. Although I'm not decorated in the traditional sense I can assure you that I am full of the Christmas spirit. Before you judge my laziness let me explain myself.

As a single guy who travels out of state every year in December it just doesn't make sense for me to go all out with lights, wreaths, trees and mistletoe. Who am I trying to impress? A few years ago I started hanging up this tree.

It's quick, it's cheap and my cats can't knock it down.


I'm sorry that I don't have a giant tree with a fake train set running through my entire home but I'll have a happy holiday none the less. You do the same.