Why are you decorating so early? We all know it is way too hot for monsters to be outside.

It seems like every year since COVID people have gotten an invigorated holiday spirit that lasts almost all year. During a dark time, people needed an excuse to celebrate anything and we started to see holiday decorations out earlier and earlier. Despite the pandemic not being as severe today, it seems like we are still seeing holiday decorations get busted out early. It seems like commercial stores have taken advantage of this as well.

I'm starting to see Halloween decorations outside and it is only the first week of September.

When Is the Right Time to Decorate for Halloween in New York?

I'm sorry but there's something about the fall weather that just adds to the eerie ambience. Can we save it for at least the official start of fall? The chill in the air sets the tone. 90-degree weather with 90% humidity is not good ghoul weather.

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Besides the mentality behind it, I want to know how you are even physically able to decorate outside.

It's sweltering outside. The sun is beating down, and the last thing you should be doing is putting up spooky decorations and fake cobwebs while sweating buckets. Halloween is supposed to be about cool, crisp fall weather. You might as well wear your wicked witch costume as well because you're going to melt.

So let's have some patience. Halloween will come soon enough and we'll have plenty of time to embrace the spooky season when the leaves start to change. For now, let's enjoy the end of summer.

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