Yes, we're in the dead of summer here in the Hudson Valley, but just for a moment, put the sunscreen and ice cream aside.

We need to talk about Fall 2021.

Before you start yelling at me, the craft stores already have the fall decor out. So I didn't start this Fall mess.

Anyway, I consider myself the most basic, pumpkin enthusiast in the Hudson Valley. I actually go out of my way to find Pumpkin Spice coffee by the end of August. I also happen to love hard seltzer.

Finally, someone has decided to put the two together. Shipyard Brewery has announced the addition of their Pumpkin Head Hard Seltzer! They made the big announcement earlier this week on social media:

Shipyard describes the Pumpkin Head seltzers on their website as a "refreshing, gluten-free, craft hard seltzer with only 2g sugar, 110 calories, and 2 carbs."

Hear me out, caramel drizzle in the cup with a cinnamon sugar rim, paired with a hot apple cider donut from your favorite farm in the Hudson Valley or Greater Danbury area. FALL-elujah!

Pumpkin Head Hard Seltzer is available now at beer distributors and liquor stores. As of right now, it isn't available in the Hudson Valley. However... our friends in Danbury might have the hook-up. Take a look at Shipyards Beer Finder to find the closest location.

Speaking of hard seltzers, The Hudson Valley Ciders, Seltzers and Sours Festival returns to Barton Orchards on August 21st. What used to be just the Hudson Valley Hard Cider Festival added seltzers and sours to the fun.

Tickets are on sale now.

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