A local Hudson Valley park has a hidden gem on their premises that was just named one of the best in the world!

Stanfordville, NY Home to  One Of The Best Disc Golf Courses in the World

A popular park in Dutchess County is home to a hidden gem for a unique group of athletes. Dutchess Tourism Inc. posted on their social media accounts this week that Wilcox Park has been named one of the best places to play Disc Golf, not just in New York but in the whole world!

Dutchess Tourism shares that the Disc Golf course at the Stanfordville park was one of the top 100 courses according to UDisc, which is an app and website for Disc Golf players to find courses nearby, keep their stats and scores and improve their game.

Dutchess Tourism/ Facebook
Dutchess Tourism/ Facebook

The Disc Golf course at Wilcox Park landed at the number 68 spot on the list of Best Disc Golf Courses in the world.  It's also the only New York State course on the list all together.

UDisc based their ranking by using a methodology that uses recent reviews and "helps identify which courses with excellent but relatively few ratings are true destinations rather than just local faves."


What is Disc Golf?

If you've never heard of Disc Golf, it's a pretty simple concept. This frisbee throwing mixed with golf, except the holes are higher out of the ground.

Wikipedia explains that Disc Golf is  "a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target; it is played using rules similar to golf." According to DGA Disc Golf, the game started with players using Frisbees and "aiming at targets made up of trees, trash cans, light poles, pipes" and whatever else was lying around.

Now there are thousands of courses around the world with gorgeous scenery and well kept fields. Surprisingly, the #1 Disc Golf Course is in Norway!

Play Disc Golf at Wilcox Park

If you're interested in playing Disc Golf and want to play at one of the top courses in the world, check out Dutchess Tourism Inc. and their app.

The Zen Finder mobile passport will give you an opportunity to earn prizes by doing things like hiking and playing disc golf all while exploring the outdoors in Dutchess County.

Learn more at DutchessTourism.com.

Take a look at the Wilcox Park Disc Golf Course below:

One of The Best Disc Golf Courses in the World is Located in New York

Wilcox Memorial Park in Stanfordville, New York is home to one of the Best Disc Golf Courses on the planet!

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