The weather continues to warm up in the Hudson Valley as summer is approaching. We may be spending more time outdoors and appreciating the beautiful views and scenery in our area.

While outdoors, I've noticed little black pellets or seeds coming from the trees. At first, I was confused and tried to analyze the situation.

Hudson Valley social media users were also curious as to what could be dropping from the trees. There are droppings coming from Hudson Valley trees, (poop).

I never thought that I would be informing the community about this topic but as we continue to come together on social media to figure out what could be causing it, I will also do my part.

Would you ever think it was possible for the Hudson Valley area to be covered in droppings? There are pieces of poop on our sidewalks, driveways, houses and vehicles and social media users have been wondering what to do about it.

These droppings are coming from a bug.

Have You Spotted These Invasive Bugs In New York State Yet?

I've been enjoying seeing butterflies and dragonflies make their return to the Hudson Valley. The cute squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits have also brought a smile to my face.

On the other hand, invasive bugs have also started to make their return to New York state. Although these aren't out of control, I've spotted stink bugs already.

The Hudson Valley was bombarded with tiny, black caterpillars that arrived in our area at the same time. The Hudson Valley community and social media users came together to help inform each other of what it could possibly be.

101.5 WPDH shared that spongy moths are

"Formerly known by the insensitive name "gypsy moth", the invasive species was brought to America from France over 100 years ago in an attempt to breed them with silkworms to create stronger fabric."

They also explained that the experiment of breeding them was unsuccessful and the caterpillars escaped. In 2024, the Hudson Valley experienced an invasion of these tiny, black caterpillars who have taken over backyards, sides of homes and most importantly trees.

How Can Residents Get Rid Of Gypsy Moths In The Hudson Valley?


Hudson Valley residents spent time discussing options that worked best for them to preserve their trees and keep their home free of these pests.

Some residents wrapped their trees with burlap bands while others used sprays that would help reduce these caterpillars while also protecting the environment.

As we feel as if we have the issue with the spongy moths in control, it appears that we have something falling from the trees and it has to do with these pests.

Have You Noticed It's 'Raining Poop' In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has informed those who are curious about droppings from trees. They explained.

"As thousands of caterpillars feed, there is an audible sound of caterpillar droppings falling to the ground."

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture mentioned that these droppings go into runoff water and watersheds.

The New York Post shared information about gypsy moth caterpillars and how they "rain poop down" within New York state.

They mentioned that New York state residents were confused by the noise that sounded as if it was raining and then saw dropping on outdoor furniture.

What Can Hudson Valley Residents Do About Spongy Moth Caterpillars And Their Droppings?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The University of Connecticut, Home and Garden Education Center included helpful information about these invasive pests and a solution to their droppings.

They mentioned,

"Spongy moth caterpillar feeding can create a mess as the leaf detritus and the slippery caterpillar droppings (frass) litter surfaces. "

The University of Connecticut, Home and Garden Education Center suggested homeowners sweep areas with the droppings and to spray with a hose too.

Additional information about these invasive pests can be found on the University of Connecticut's socail media accounts and website.

Have you spotted these caterpillars and have you been stepping on their droppings? Tell us more below.

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