Nothing to see here besides adorable pictures of dogs to take your mind off COVID-19.

This article is nothing to really read. There's no juicy gossip. No breaking news. No scandalous story. Just some nice pictures of dogs I found in our photo center. I don't know who these dogs are, where they came from, or anything like that. But I do know, that we all need some cheering up. Enjoy!


Just look at this little guy!


Someone is feeling spooooooky

Janie Airey

Nothing like a mid-day nap, am I right?


~Unexpected friends~


He's doing exactly what I was I was: playing outside.

Chris Amaral

Yep, I know that feeling.


This pup is telling you to take him for a walk, of course with proper social distancing.


Getting ready for Christmas because what else is there to do?

Eric IsselÃÂée

Nothing to see here besides a cute pup.

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