You're probably killing it at the gym working on your beach body or just trying to stay healthy but what I if told you that there was more to look out for other than just the creepy guy on the treadmill next to you?

According to an article in Fit Rated, researchers have studied several pieces of gym equipment and have broken down the bacteria on each one. There are four common forms of bacteria found in your gym. they are Bacillus, gram-positive cocci, gram-positive rods and gram-negative rods. Just because a machine looks clean just assume it was not cleaned after the last time it was used. Most likely, it wasn't.

Bacillus and gram-positive rods are common and can be found just about everywhere. They are relativity harmless. The ones that two bacteria found  that should cause some concern would be the gram positive-rods or the gram positive cocci.

Gram positive cocci is a little more serious as it can cause a skin infections and pneumonia. This harmful bacteria can be found on over 50% of a treadmill, about 40% of an exercise bike and 30% on free weights.

So, when you're at the gym be sure to wipe the equipment down before you use it unless you like ring worm or some sort of flesh eating disease. Maybe that was a bit dramatic but we're all surrounded by filthy germs!

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