Three teens who recorded themselves breaking into the new Tappan Zee Bridge have been arrested.  

The video which was posted to Youtube on July 13, shows three teens breaking into the new bridge and exploring, before getting chased by police.

As reported, the teens are shown getting into the resctricted area through a hole in a fence, then using ladders to reach the top.

The video shows the teens being chased by police and security. The video ends by showing the teens returning to their cars.

In the Youtube comments, "Jeepy", who posted the video commented:

I hope you know I'm a filmmaker? and clearly I have a green screen wall behind me in the intro? I didnt actually go on the bridge I just edited myself on it using my green screen

Well, it seems the police felt it was real and not green screened as the three teens were arrested on August 5, 2017.

All three teens were arrested and charged with Criminal Trespass in the third-degree. The teens were processed at the State Police Tarrytown baracks.

They were issued appearance tickets returnable to the Town of Greenburgh Court.

The names and ages of the three teens have not been released.