Have you ever found yourself with a deep desire to get yourself some Lottery scratch off tickets? Do you think that scratch off tickets could lead to jail time? One man from Kinderhook is about to find out just what penalty he is looking at for stealing Lottery scratch off tickets from his employer.

According to a press release from the New York State Police, Troop K Barracks, Adam Conover, 20, of Kinderhook, NY, was employed at the Sunoco Station located on Route 9H. Was Mr Conover a exemplary employee? Did he show up to work on time and in uniform? Did he treat the customers with respect? Obviously, whether he did (or not) did not make it into the police report. What did make it into the report was the fact that Adam somehow managed to leave the Sunoco Station several times with NYS Lottery Scratch Off tickets that he did not pay for (approximately $700 worth). Did he simply forget to pay for them? Did it just slip his mind? He will have an opportunity to explain the entire situation to the judge when he appears for his Petit Larceny charges on June 14, 2016.