New York City might have hired a Rat Tsar. I think we finally found the real king of the rats in New York.

It is no secret that New York City has been dealing with an increasing rat problem for several years. Mayor Adams declared war on the rats just around the same time Orkin released their list of mot rat infested cities. New York City took second place which was up one spot from the previous year.

New York City even hired a "Rat Tsar" to help get control of the increasing issue with vermin. It doesn't seem like her plans are working. It is possible that she's fighting a losing battle especially with this thing on the front lines.

It looks like New York City isn't just getting more rats. It also looks like they are getting bigger. A crazy video is going viral that shows a huge rat walking around inside a New York City bodega. It is almost as big is a cat or a small dog.

Of course the comments have been nothing short of amazing. Here are some of the best ones.

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