Did you think that it was possible for a product that households use on practically a daily basis could be accused of sexism? Keep in mind that this product is in a large percentage of homes and has been in use since 1924?

The product that has recently been called out as being sexist is a particular type of Kleenex tissues, a product that was introduced as 'Man-Sized.' Not to defend the company, but I can kind of see what they were doing.

Men might feel a little uncomfortable grabbing something that has been made to feel dainty and soft like a tissue and they might want to use something that they feel is more 'manly' or Man-Sized. Did Kleenex think that they were going to offend? Probably not. This was more than likely the type of marketing idea that was great in the boardroom or on paper but when it was rolled out it backfired like a typo that no one sees until the items have been mailed.

Kleenex will not be doing away with the Man-Sized tissues, they are going to re-name them to something that is less offensive, Extra-Large tissues.

Does either brand name offend you? Will you still try the product?

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