As you guys are probably well aware, I enjoy obstacle course racing. From the uber-fun Warrior Dash to the hyper competitive Spartan Race, I try to run as many of these damn things as I can.

HOWEVER, there's one that's just amazingly bizarre and it actually has people chasing you. People dressed up like zombies.

Zombie Races!

I ran THE LAST original Run For Your Lives race down in Brooklyn last year. It was the last because the next weekend the whole damn company shut down.

The difference in these races is that the obstacles are the clusters of zombies on the race course. There's a few obstacles, but NOTHING like true OCR's. There was an awful lot of sprinting and people slamming into each other.

I filmed the whole thing with my GoPro and did a little movie, which I figured I'd share with you guys.

Here's the deal. If you see people grabbing for other people, they're zombies. They're trying to grab the flags you wear around your waist. If you finish with ANY flags, you finish as a survivor. If none, you finish as a casualty.

The part where you hear me screaming "Like a pack of wild dogs!" was because there was a HUGE mass of zombies in front of us, and I wanted everyone in front of me to distract them. Sorry if I goaded you into losing a flag or 2.

Remember: When the zombies come, you don't have to be the fastest runner. You just have to be faster than the guy next to you.

*Note* All songs are about zombies. Because duh.