Is the government hiding a zombie outbreak at the Saint Peter's Cemetery? The truth is out there and we need to find it!

Do you believe in the walking dead? For most fans of Halloween this chilling sight is actually one of the best decorations we could see in October.

It's not every day that you drive past a cemetery with the gates and walls torn down. What exactly happened at this local resting place and why is the government keeping it a secret? We already know that this cemetery has a few secrets of its own which you can find here.

The picture was taken just outside of St. Peter's cemetery in Poughkeepsie. Was there really a zombie outbreak? I'll leave the answer to that question to you guys and Mulder from The X Files.

FullSizeRender (17)

I want to believe but if you start asking questions like that the smoking man might have my office moved to the boiler room. I really hope there's enough fans of The X Files to understand that refereance?

If it wasn't a zombie outbreak then what happened? Do you have answers?