Living Colour are best known for their 1998 release Vivid which featured the classics "Cult of Personality" and the follow up "Glamour Boys". It turns out frontman Corey Glover, is now a resident of the Hudson Valley, having just re-located to Newburgh. Hear what Corey has to say about living in the area in the interview I did with him earlier today.

The band is now creeping up on their 30th anniversary and are hitting the road for a few weeks of shows. They'll be heading back into the studio when they wrap up tour and will attempt to finish up the new album. They're hoping to release new music a little later on this year.

Catch Living Colour locally at Ridgefield Playhouse on Friday February 13th. They've got a pretty strong line-up this winter overall with appearances by The Doors guitarist Robby Kreiger and Edgar Winter.