A local animal shelter is asking for the publics help after taking in nearly 50 cats that were displaced after a house fire.

On Tuesday evening fire officials in the City of Beacon were called to a structure fire on Crescent Drive. Once emergency workers arrived on scene they got to work, controlling the fire and saving the occupants. In this case though, the residents of the home were not what you'd expect. The homeowner in fact wasn't even inside but over 70 kitty cats were!

It's not known exactly how many cats were inside the home as many ran when the fire started but according to officials they estimate there were around 70 cats in the house when they arrived. Thankfully firefighters acted quickly and bravely and were able to rescue 47 cats from the home while several others scattered.

Now I know not everyone is an animal lover but I am and I have to commend these firefighters who went above and beyond the call of duty to save these furry creatures. Emergency personal on scene even went as far to give first aid to many of the kitty cats. Of the 47 sadly 7 perished due to smoke inhalation but if it weren't for first responders it would have been much more tragic.

The surviving cats were taken to nearby shelter Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon for medical attention, love and care. And although the shelter is happy to help, the expense to care for these new additions is beyond their means. If you can please donate to their fundraising campaign it will help these cats and help ease what was already such a terrifying experience. Please do what you can, every little but helps!