It's amazing how much this company has grown! It all starts with local support!

It's not everyday a little start up company from the Hudson Valley gets national attention. Mead is one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages and it's been making a huge comeback in the last few years. If you don't know what mead is it's basically a wine made with honey.

It's always been a favorite of mine at the Renaissance Faire. Guzzling straight from the bottle will make you feel like a viking.

Vogue recently did an entire write up about how mead is coming back in a big way. They even went as far to shout out the local, Salt Point Meadery. There are a lot of places making mead in New York but it's so great that a company in our own back yard got the honorable mention.

I've tasted several products from Salt Point Meadery. They're all so delicious.


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