The iconic Stormville airport is up for sale and could become storage for totaled cars. According to, the site at 416 Route 216 in Stormville is on the market for $8.75 million and the multi-billion dollar company Copart is interested. The site currently hosts a well-known flea market and other events.

At a March 30 Town of East Fishkill Board meeting, a representative laid out plans for the future. He stated that the previous owner had fallen behind on taxes and Copart had entered into an agreement to purchase the property. That deal is reportedly in contract but not complete. Up to 40 cars could be added daily before being sold online. Cars are reportedly only kept 40-60 days before being moved. While some have called Copart properties junkyards, they don't fit under that classification as they don't dismantle or stack the cars on the property which allows them to operate in zones labeled "light industrial."

Upon learning about the situation, in an attempt to further educate the community, local residents have started a Facebook group called 'Stop Copart'. Concerns include the new business' effect on the environment, added traffic and the possibility of property values being affected. A planned informational meeting on August 21st put on by Copart had to be rescheduled due to the overwhelming number of people that showed up.

What will become of the 155 acre Stormville Airport?

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