Do you think that your electric company is only trying to charge you more money for the same or less services? One local energy company was selected to receive a nationwide honor.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric of Poughkeepsie, was one of only 15 energy companies in the state (163 in the nation) to be selected by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Star to receive this honor. CHGE has been selected for the '2018 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award.'

How were they selected? According to a press release, the energy company that serves over 300,000 customers in the Hudson Valley was selected for the following reason:

Central Hudson is receiving ENERGY STAR® recognition for its effective engagement in the ENERGY STAR Light the Moment promotion and its community-based educational efforts.

For more ways that you can save energy in your home or business check out the Central Hudson website. For these tips you do not have to be a Central Hudson customer. 

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