You probably have had a woodchuck in your yard, but have you ever gotten this close to it?

We all know what a woodchuck looks like, I don't need to explain this. But I think it's safe to assume that most woodchucks run away from people when they're spotted. That's normally what happens to me. There's a woodchuck at my apartment complex that my landlord has been trying to catch for months. I see it all the time and it always scurries away. UNTIL NOW.

I was pulling into my assigned parking spot the other day, and I see the neighborhood woodchuck in my spot. I would assume it would just run away as a massive SUV was hurling towards it. But nope, this guy just moseys on over to the lawn. I get out of my car and go to look at him, because who doesn't like looking at animals. Once again, I expected it to run away. But IT DIDN'T. This woodchuck was totally unphased by me and was just eating some little bugs and leaves.

Don't believe how close I got? Take a look at the pictures below of how close I got to a woodchuck.

Look How Close Taylor Got to a Woodchuck

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