New York State has over 200,000 public employees that make over $100,000 annually.

Forbes reports that New York State's 290,304 public employees who make over $100,000 a year are costing taxpayers $38 billion. Nearly 20,000 of these public employees out-earn Governor Andrew Cuomo's salary of $178,500. According to Forbes, there are plumbers making over $200K, police officers making over $400K, and a retired college professor making over $500k on a pension. Even the New York General Assembly voted to hike their own pay and will be the highest-paid state legislature in the U.S. by 2021. They will have salaries of $130,000.

What has yet to be mentioned is the salaries of public school employees. There are 67,231 public school employees. The highest salaries of the public school employees came from chancellors and superintendents. According to Forbes, the highest superintendent salary outside of New York City was for Michael King at Rocky Point Union Free School District who made over $500K. The majority of the highest public school employee salaries were found in Long Island.

But right here in the Hudson Valley, a superintendent made the third-highest salary of public school employees in New York State, according to Forbes. Forbes reports that Louis Wool, the superintendent of Harrison Central School District, made $445,000. Harrison Central School District is in Westchester County. According to Niche, Harrison Central School District is ranked the 43rd best in New York State.

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