A Hudson Valley store that was the scene of a first murder is now involved in a machete attack.

Hudson Valley Post has learned much more about an attack inside a deli in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Reported Stabbing Inside Rockland County, New York Deli

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Motive In Spring Valley Deli Attack Unclear


No word on the severity of the suspect's injuries. A motive for the alleged machete attack is unclear as of this writing.

The deli is the same location where a man was murdered in late December.

Rockland County Man Fatally Stabbed In Neck In Spring Valley, New York


On December 29, 2022, at approximately 1:10 a.m., the Spring Valley Police Department responded to the area of Johnson Street and North Myrtle Avenue regarding reports of an unresponsive male laying on the road.

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Police found 52-year-old Luis Pinduisaca-Villa of Spring Valley on Johnson Street adjacent to 55 North Myrtle Avenue.

Pinduisaca-Villa later died as a result of a wound inflicted on his neck, officials say.

Two men were later arrested.

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