To the dismay of many faithful customers, one of the most popular local movie theaters in the Hudson Valley recently announced it was closing its doors "until further notice". While residents chimed in to say how much they'll miss their favorite theater, the good news is they plan to reopen with a new business strategy. Here's what we know so far.

Movie Theaters in the Hudson Valley, NY

A good local theater can be hard to find. Growing up in Accord, NY, we had to drive a minimum of 30 minutes just to find any theater, let alone one we could call a favorite, and my parents will still make the nearly ninety-minute round-trip drive to Upstate Films in Rhinebeck, NY. That's why it's understandable why so many cinephiles (that's a good kind of phile, promise) were upset over recent news from Hudson, NY.

The Madison Theatre in Hudson, NY

The Madison Theatre in Hudson, NY, which advertises itself (and its Albany, NY counterpart) as "upstate New York’s only dine-in theatres", recently announced they were closing. "Madison Theatre is CLOSED until further notice", began a recent Facebook post on behalf of the theater. "[Business is] too slow to stay open and movies aren’t doing good", they continued. The amount of support they received from their community was tremendous.

Madison Theatre via Facebook
Madison Theatre via Facebook

"Please do re-open it’s a nice, clean theater went last month we all enjoyed it", said a Craryville, NY woman. "This is the only totally clean movie theater in all of Columbia county. It has upgraded comfortable seating... You will be missed and we will be waiting for your return" added another fan of the theater. Luckily, Madison Theatre does have a plan to reopen, and it involves booze.

Madison Theatre Reopening Plans

"We’ll be back soon, hopefully with our liquor license!!", a representative for the theater shared. They also said that while they were temporarily closing due to lower traffic during the back-to-school season and a lull in high-quality movie options, they decided it was "better to close [temporarily] and wait it out instead of closing for good". One woman's comment seemed to mirror everyone's sentiment: "hope you stay open... your place is so clean and hopefully your liquor license will come through. I would definitely go here rather than any place else … clean and friendly!"

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