Last month, one of the most popular local movie theaters in the Hudson Valley announced it was closing its doors temporarily while they worked on the details of a new business strategy. Unfortunately, that temporary closure has just been announced as permanent.

Movie Theater Closing in the Hudson Valley, NY

The Madison Theatre in Hudson, NY, which advertises itself (and its Albany, NY counterpart) as "upstate New York’s only dine-in theatres", announced they were closing back in September. "Madison Theatre is CLOSED until further notice", began the Facebook post on behalf of the business. They went on to explain that they hoped to reopen when a new revenue-generating liquor license was in place. A recent announcement, however, was less hopeful.

Madison Theatre via Facebook
Madison Theatre via Facebook

Madison Theatre "Closed for Good" in Hudson, NY

"Madison Theatre is closed for good for now... There’s no owner at the moment", posted a former employee. "The theater in Albany is opened now with a new owner. Hopefully one day something will happen with the one in Hudson too", they continued. While many former customers voiced their dismay as well as support, others were curious what would happen with the annual movie passes that they had purchased.

Options for 2022 Movie Pass Customers for Madison Theatre

There are two options for patrons who bought a 2022 movie pass. For the more ambitious (and road trip-loving) customers, the good news is that the passes will still be honored at the theater's Albany, NY location. Otherwise, refunds are available by logging in to your account on the theater's website.

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"Too bad…I loved that place. Clean theater... Great friendly staff... Hope you guys all do well", said one commenter. "The only theater in Hudson worth going to", added another. While there may not be a replacement for Madison currently, you check out some other Hudson Valley options below, plus check out some great shows and movies that were filmed right here in our backyard.

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