Sure, there are plenty of great aspects to the holidays: family, friends, days off from work, the kinship of man, the fresh beginning to the new or upcoming year.

But let's be honest, delicious food and drinks are probably the most important.

So, with that in mind, we invited Josh from Nine Pin cider in Albany to come through with ideas for some cocktails that you can use to make everyone at your holiday party think you're some kind of genius mixologist. Everyone has had a mixed drink, but how about making things interesting and putting a unique twist on them by using delicious hard cider as a mixer?

First up we've got a nice Dark & Stormy. Shouts to the WRRV banner for trying to steal the show:

And now, for you whiskey folks out there, how about a nice Whiskey Ginger?

You can check out Nine Pin Cider (and even more cocktails they've concocted using their cider) online here.