There are still places in the world wherein beer is outlawed. Yep. In the year 2016, you still can't pop open a can of beer and relax after a long day. No tailgating, no barbecuing with a beer in a koozie, no irresponsible college kegstands.

Naturally, this creates a ton of demand. As anyone who has seen Boardwalk Empire or Ken Burns' Prohibition documentary (or just sat through an American History class) knows, the lack of booze will drive demand through the roof and people will go to drastic lengths to not only quench their thirst for alcohol, but to provide it for those that want to do so.

Take this guy for example, who is in serious trouble for trying to get a lot (really, a lot) of beer into Saudi Arabia, where you aren't allowed to have the stuff. Check out the story below.

And for evidence as to why such rules are problematic, here's the documentary How Beer Saved the World for your viewing pleasure: