Popular Travel Channel show Man vs. Food is making a comeback and they filmed an episode in the Hudson Valley recently. But while they're set for a return to TV, a new host has been announced and long time fans of the show are furious.

Original host Adam Richman was involved with the show from 2008 until they began a five-year hiatus in 2012. According to the Daily Meal, the show ended because Richman felt he was ruining his health by over eating each episode.

When the show debuts in August, it will feature new host Casey Webb, a veteran of the food and restaurant business.

The permit, posted at The Oath: Craft Beer Sancutary in Tarrytown stated that filming would be taking place today from 8am - 5:30pm although local parking wouldn't be affected.

Photo by: Jay Wulff
Photo by: Jay Wulff

While Richman doesn't appear to be returning to the show that made him famous, he currently hosts Adam Richman's Fandemonium which is also on the Travel Channel.

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