I'm not from this state but I've officially been a New York resident for about 5 years now. If there's one thing I have learned during my time in New York it is that the drivers are of a different breed. I am originally from the Midwest and the stereotype for New Yorkers is that we're rude and always in a hurry to get somewhere. I will say that I've met my share of rude people here but I wouldn't say there aren't more than anywhere else I have lived.

The second part is true though. New Yorkers generally seem to be in a hurry. That observation is not just limited to New York City. I've noticed the need for speed in the Capital Region as well as here in the Hudson Valley. Everything moves faster here. Speed and efficiency are great for serving at a restaurant but when it is on the roadways it can cause some issues.

I see this common-sense driving law being broken every single day here in the Hudson Valley and I'm positive it is only a matter of time until someone gets hurt or killed.

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When a vehicle is stopped in the road to make a left turn the drivers behind it almost always pass the vehicle on the shoulder. Not only is this illegal but it could injure a cyclist or someone walking on the side of the road.

According to the New York DMV's website, there are instances when you can legally pass on the right when the car ahead of you is making a left turn but you cannot cross the shoulder line unless directed by an officer or there is a sign that says you can. In most cases, you can only pass on the right on roads with two or more lanes.

This penalty can cost you up to $250 for the first offense.

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