Several drivers across New York State may be shocked to know that they are probably breaking this law every week and they could put kids at risk by doing so.

Some people really don't know about this law in New York and it's alarming. It's also extremely dangerous to both drivers and children on the roadways. I came across this situation about a year ago and you only need to make this mistake once. I was driving on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, New York when all of a sudden I was forced to slam on my brakes because the car in front of me came to a complete halt in the middle lane of the busy road. I immediately thought something had to be wrong. It wasn't until another car stopped in the lane next to the car ahead of me. Some cars continued to drive right past us.

When a school bus stops on a divided highway and the turns on the flasher and extends a stop sign extended, do you need to stop if you are separated by a median? Not every licensed driver in New York knows the answer to this question. The answer is pretty clear. It may seem strange but yes you do have to stop.

According to School Training Solutions, you must stop for a school bus if its flashers are on even if it is on a divided highway. Have you been breaking the law the entire time? Now you know and I hope this saves you from a pretty big ticket.

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